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Cosmelan Peels

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The world’s leading professional pigmentation removal peel

A depigmentic treatment that intensively regulates the overproduction of melanin in the skin, inhibiting and controlling the appearance of new dark spots. It has a dual corrective and controlling action, achieving short and long-term results by keeping hyperpigmentation under control.


How does Cosmelan Peel work?

The cosmelan method acts within cells responsible for skin pigmentation, decreasing colour production in areas where excess production is apparent to achieve the disappearance of unattractive blemishes left behind by Acne.

The peel uses a special acid, which reduces the production of melanin to induce a quick depigmentation action.

Who is suitable for the treatment?

The peel is most suitable for anyone who has been left with red scars or Hyperpigmented scars after acne.

How long does the treatment take?

A typical treatment session is approximately 60 minutes.

How does the treatment feel?

The treatment is not painful. However when the skin starts to peel, it’s normal to feel a mild burning sensation with some itchy and sensitivity. This can last a few days.

How many treatments are required?

Normally one treatment with homecare maintenance cream is enough to achieve good results. However in cases of deep pigmentation the treatment may need to be repeated, although after the first treatment the pigmentation will be much lighter.

Are there any side effects?

Cosmelan has a high safety margin and can be safely used on dark skin types. ​Your skin will peel a lot in the first week – you can peel after the first week but it will not be as noticeable. You will have dryness, tightness, soreness and itching for up to 4 weeks after the treatment.

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